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Vacuum Breaker Safety

Vacuum Breaker Flooding

"Vacuum breakers fail"

This can create an irrigation system in the ceiling and can be disastrous. Often a "Burst vacuum breaker" will get misdiagnosed as a "Burst Geyser", so we rarely hear about them. We don't comment this, but it happens. 

My feedback from Local plumbers tells me that these failures are a lot more regular than we are made aware of.

Disaster management

Vacuum Breaker Controlled flood

The Vacucap prevents potential water damage

LOCAL REGULATION requires that we install a Drip Tray under our geyser, but what hapens if a vacuum breaker fails? These are 2 weak points that regulation has not taken into account.

The vac-u-cap is designed to direct potential water leaks from the vaccum breaker directly into the drip tray underneath the installation.

Independently tested under 600KPA (6 Bar) Pressure

Heat efficiency

Vacucap Thermal

Insulation on Hot Water systems 

Vacuum breakers, being brass fittings, can lose heat Rapidly unless Insulated. 

The Vacucap insulates, fitting neatly onto all locally manufactured Vacuum breakers up to a diameter of 40mm. This creates a seal at the end of the pipe lagging.

Tested to withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees celsius (ISO 306)

Weather Protection

Weather Protection For Vacuum Breakers

Reducing Damage from Sun and Rain 

Manufactured using High Grade Polypropylene, Withstanding harsh weather conditions.

with integrated UV protection (ASTM G154), protecting vacuum breakers on exterior installation and guarantees a longer lifespan and optimal functionality for many years.

We have removed vacucaps on gesyer installation of over 5 years, once the pipe lagging had been eaten by the sun to find vacuum breakers that looked new, still functioning perfectly.

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