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Water Systems

110mm Water Supply Line

water System installation & repair

Water is supplied, delivered through a Pipe Network using pressure. 

Pipe size determines the amount of water delivered at once, directly influenced by the water pressure at the source. This can be designed based on the demand requirements.

We mainly deal with the following Pipe sizes:

From15mm branches (or 1/2")  up to 100mm (or 4") Main Supply lines

Water Pressure Regulating valves

110 Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Reducing & Pressure Control

‚ÄčREDUCE, MAINTAIN AND regulate your water Flow pressure

Pressure Control Valves (PCV's) - Are used to balance Hot/Cold Water Systems and allow for water heating Pressure expansion relief. They consist of 2 valves* working to maintain a consistent pressure within the water system.

PRESSURE Reducing VALVES (PRV'S) - Are generally used on high pressure systems to keep the pressure safely at a maximum pressure or below to the specification of the system.

- Geyser expansion Valves can always be installed separately to allow a hot water system to breathe, Releasing the pressure buildup developed when the water is heated. Expansion valves are a crucial part of any closed hot water system

* 1) Pressure Reducing Valves and 2) Expansion relief Valves

Water Meters

Water Meter Brass

Tracking water consumption 

We Offer single or bulk INSTALLATION AND REPLACEMENT of water meters


FROM15MM (OR 1/2")  UP TO 100MM (OR 4") Meters

Installed to Spec

Water Flow Control and Isolation

Isolating Valves and Inline Strainer

Valves Valves Valves ! 

Gate Valves . Stop Cocks . Inline Strainers . Angle Valves . Non-Return Valves

Ultimate Water control

FROM15MM (OR 1/2")  UP TO 100MM (OR 4")

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